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    French chef and godfather of the Blanc generation October 2003
    Venue Magazine
    The legendary chef and restaurateur, the man many cite as being instrumental in the rise of British cuisine, who tutored and inspired a new wave of British chefs (some now ranked the best in the world, even better - cough - than the French) to the tune of over 20 Michelin stars.

    We're here to talk about Blanc's long-running support for the Soil Association, the influential Bristol-based society on the frontline of the battle for real food, proper food whose only E stands for ethics. Blanc is something of a crusader for the cause, especially in his adopted nation which, he warns, is already a far distance down the road towards nutritional Armageddon. "Part of the problem with England is that food is not part of the culture; it's part of the fashion, the veneer, the outside of culture. We need a deep understanding here, and that takes a generation. Those values have always been in me and I apply them to my staff, my garden, my clients and so on. I deeply believe in an agriculture which cares for its soil, for its environment, its farmers and its recipients - which is us. I've been involved with the Soil Association for a long time because they believe in the same things as me and they're doing something about it."

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