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Le Manoir Ecole de Cuisine
One and Two Day Courses

  • Vegetarian : 2 Day Course
    Raymond Blanc's two day vegetarian Cookery Course is packed with interesting and exciting recipes, many of which are featured on Le Manoir's two Michelin star restaurant menu. This is one of the courses that Raymond is most passionate about. Recipes use the freshest ingredients and, not surprisingly, students are introduced to Le Manoir's stunning organic herb and vegetable gardens during the course.

    Vegetables are matched with spices and herbs that might not have been previously considered and the best produce is highlighted for each season.

    Day One teaches students the art of creating perfect pasta and dough with a variety of fillings and pasta sauces. Recipes will use some of the rarest and most sought after wild mushrooms and you will discover their seasons and origins.

    Specialist equipment is used during the course; the mandolin and the pasta maker. During the afternoon recipes include "Potage Quat'Saisons"and "Thai fish soup". You are also guided through Raymond's recipe for homemade pesto, tapenade and salsa verde.

    For day two, students begin by creating one of Le Manoir's famous signature dishes "Essence of Tomato" a consommé of the ripest tomatoes, enhanced with fresh herbs from the garden. Raymond Blanc's sumptuous recipes for tarts, soufflés, and sauces are covered, adapting techniques used by the professional chefs in Le Manoir's kitchen. A specialist section on Indian vegetarian cuisine teaches the students Byriani and Naan and introduces aromatic spices found in traditional Indian dishes.

    The ingredients are the building block for each dish and the quality and freshness plays such an important part in the magic of them. Le Manoir's fabulous herb gardens grow about 120 varieties of herbs and about 90 varieties of vegetables organically. During the course students will spend time with the Head Gardener, Anne Marie Owens and her team to see them work hand in hand with the kitchen brigade to achieve the best ingredients for Le Manoir's menu.

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